Commercial Solutions

At Allvy, we craft customized solutions that are aligned with and cater to the specific requirements of businesses and commercial enterprises. Our design approach encompasses the provision of top-tier technological solutions that guarantee safety, functionality, and optimal efficiency.

Commercial - Design

Design Build

Precise coordination and meticulous design are essential for successful system integration. The Allvy team will engage with your design-build team to formulate the essential design specifications encompassing low-voltage systems, networking, security measures, access control, video surveillance, digital signage, video walls, and conference rooms. Our team will furnish a complete turnkey solution and extend ongoing monitoring and maintenance services for the future.

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Commercial - Security v2

Security & Automation

Our integrated security systems are meticulously designed and expertly installed within your business premises to promptly detect and alert you to potential attacks and unauthorized intrusion attempts. These systems extend beyond the ordinary scope, offering a diverse range of automation functions while diligently overseeing the protection of your business assets.

Further capabilities encompass the activation of flashing lights during alarm events, the implementation of pre-scheduled lighting scenarios to proactively deter break-ins, and the ability to remotely monitor your internal business operations through mobile device access. Moreover, our alarm systems incorporate broadband or cellular connectivity components, ensuring their continuous operation in cases of power disruptions.

In addition to a robust security system, access control introduces an additional layer of security and managerial oversight. Numerous access control systems boast a multitude of user codes, integrated cameras, clear and effective communication features, and the convenience of automatic door-locking mechanisms.

Enhance the capabilities of your access control system by seamlessly integrating it with an automation system, enabling remote control over property gates or entry doors, and allowing for remote opening and closure.

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Video Surveillance

Observe ongoing activities at your business from anywhere in the world. Whether your goal is to discourage theft or ensure accountability, we provide surveillance products of the highest caliber – with various options designed to suit your budgetary considerations. Our camera offerings feature IP-based network capabilities with a resolutions 1080p to 4K, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are particularly well-suited for installations in standalone structures, parking garages, and various other settings.

 These cameras play a vital role in quality assurance, theft prevention, and generating records for safeguarding against potential liability stemming from personnel-related legal matters. Whether it's addressing theft concerns on the loading dock, ensuring quality standards in the kitchen, or responding to allegations of misconduct in breakroom settings, cameras – and even the addition of audio microphones – furnish invaluable records for your peace of mind.

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Access Control

Bid farewell to conventional keys and welcome a contemporary and user-friendly approach to entry management. Our team of experts will create and implement a personalized access control system that perfectly aligns with your business requirements. This system empowers you to effortlessly provide access to authorized personnel while effectively deterring unauthorized entry attempts. Whether your aim is to limit access to specific zones or monitor employee entry, our state-of-the-art technology assures a sense of security and tranquility. Elevate your business by adopting our dependable and intuitive commercial access control services, and seize unprecedented control over your premises!

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In today's modern era, maintaining connectivity is paramount. We possess the skillset to set up and fine-tune diverse tiers of networking.

Whether your requirements call for a straightforward peer-to-peer network or a sophisticated server-based network, meticulous planning and precise installation play a pivotal role in establishing a secure and streamlined system.

A meticulously crafted computer network encompasses an array of elements including resource sharing, wireless access points, firewall safeguards, internet connectivity, and file storage. Our proficiency guarantees the seamless integration of all these components, resulting in the establishment of a dependable and operational computer network.

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Commercial - Video Walls

Video Walls

Our expertise lies in crafting awe-inspiring and deeply engaging visual encounters across diverse settings. Our dedicated team of professionals excels at conceptualizing and installing cutting-edge video walls that are destined to leave an indelible mark. Whether it's an executive gathering, retail domain, or entertainment venue, our video walls are masterfully crafted to mesmerize and captivate audiences.

We extend an extensive array of customizable options, tailored to meet your specific requisites. This includes a selection of screen sizes, configurations, and resolutions. Our adept technicians oversee every facet of the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration of the video wall into your environment. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond installation, encompassing ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your video wall system performs at its peak.

Embrace our video wall installation service, and watch as any space undergoes a metamorphosis into a visually dynamic and influential realm. Whether your goal is to spotlight promotional content, deliver immersive presentations, or create an unforgettable entertainment spectacle, our video walls will undoubtedly deliver the impactful "wow" factor you seek.

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Commercial - Conference Rooms

AV Solutions, Digital Displays & Meeting spaces

Our array of audio-video systems caters to diverse requirements. Within our product lineup, you'll discover projectors, screens, speakers, microphones, video walls, televisions, touch screens, digital signage, and cutting-edge control technology. We are adept at identifying the ideal audio-video solution for your distinct business or organization. Our services encompass projects of all scales, ranging from individual conference rooms to expansive facilities. With Allvy's wealth of experience and proficiency, we are poised to deliver optimal outcomes for your organization by tailoring the perfect system to meet your specific needs

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